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Dig on the Double and Do the Snuffle Shuffle


Grant's involvement in the wonderful underground world of Moley and his friends started in 2019 when he was asked to write a song for Master Moley - By Royal Invitation. The Snuffle Shuffle was born and became a highlight of the half hour winter special. 

Warner Media bought the show for their channel Boomerang and commissioned a further 52 episodes and Grant was honoured to be chosen to score the whole series.

Moley features the same starry voice cast as the special - Warwick Davis, Richard E Grant, Gemma Arterton, Charles Dance, Julie Walters and Togo Igawa and adds into the mix new regulars Stanley Tucci as Mishmosh, Jessica Henwick as Dotty and Trevor Dion Nicholas as Lester.

James Reatchlous created a magical group of characters with real heart and producer Tony Nottage, director Leon Joosen, and art director Neal Petty have expanded The Big Below and added beautiful detail to further enhance the stories and characters.

With a quirky and inventive soundtrack that takes it's inspiration from the everyday objects the moles in Moletown recycle, Moley is an absolute joy to score.

Moley is playing now on Boomerang.

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